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Age: 1993

Gender: female

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: blond

Giggly, blonde, and ultra-slim, Kylie Nicole takes the word spinner to new heights. At 5’7 her long limbs accentuate just how slender she is, and that itty-bitty waist invites her costars to just wrap their big hands around her and fuck her in every way imaginable. Whether it’s on the bed, bent over of the counter, or under the desk, this naughty little darling wants to get railed anywhere, anytime, and who wouldn’t want to oblige her insatiable lust? With a libido that’s as large as her titties are tiny, Kylie just can’t get enough penetration, so you’d think she’d be a pretty crazy party-gal, but underneath all that intense sexual energy is an awkward nerd who just wants to spend time on the couch, watch classic sci-fi films, and get railed every once in a while. She’s that perfect mix of slutty and shy that brings men to their knees, offering her anything she wants in exchange for a taste of her tight wet pussy.